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Essential Finance Management Skills Schools Never Teach Us

Finance Management

Getting rich is not about how much we earn per month. While saving is a significant step towards being wealthy, it is only a start. There are numerous ways we can boost our finances to grow wealthy. All we need is to change our perception of money, whether that be through secured loans research or simply shifting the paradigm on its head. Let us discuss fundamental money skills we never learned in school.

Spending Less Is not the Solution, Earning More Is

Many folks think they are broke because of spending too much. Cutting back on expenses cannot solve most of our financial problems. What we need is to find additional ways to make money. Nonetheless, it is imprudent to spend above our means. Let us focus on ways that can bring more cash and financial assets. A side-hustle or pay rise can work. In business, we can consider a productivity boost. When we conform to the abundance mindset, we tap into more opportunities and bring more income. Cash is king when looking to save costs. The moment we get that extra cash in our hands, we can seize viable opportunities like real estate property and negotiate better prices.

We Hardly Become Wealthy From Savings

Unless we are saving millions every month, getting rich cannot happen from monthly savings. Instead, what we do with the saved cash is what could make us wealthy. Liquid cash is good for emergencies. It is like a safety net for when our regular income drops. At any given point, we ought to save about six months of living expenses. It should help to get through tough times before we start earning again.

Wealth Lies in the Value of Assets

The type of car we drive or clothing brand we wear is not a reflection of our wealth. Instead, we are as rich as the physical possessions or financial assets we can convert and use in transactions. We need to apply some practical financial skills to amass such valuables. Let us not confuse depreciating assets for valuables. The truth is that a Lamborghini in the garage is a liability- it demands fuel, money to stay in shape, and insurance. Not to mention, cars depreciate over time. However, an interest-bearing property or investment is a worthy asset for building wealth. Land, for instance, appreciates. We can cash out more money from the land sale than we initially invested.

Other People’s Money Can Propel Us Into Riches

Some people have lived in abject poverty because they fear taking loans. The middle class also makes the mistake of only using their own money for everything. While it is a bad idea to borrow money for consumables, accessing manageable loans can increase our earnings. When running a business that needs hi-tech or machinery, we can upgrade through a business or personal loan. After upgrading, we can charge more, double the clientele base, or provide faster services. But before getting into debt, it is crucial to understand how inflation is going. We also need to have a good debt repayment plan whether the prediction happens or not. If we make calculations to charge more or increase sales with quicker services, we can afford to pay the loan and sustain a business.

Passive Income Is Key to Financial Freedom

Passive income is money we make while asleep. To understand the concept, we have to think beyond active income or the number of hours we devote per day to earn. With the right money skills, we could double or triple our current earnings. As we think of the next money move, our finances should already be working for us. We could spare some funds to build an arbitrage business that requires a hands-off approach to run.

If we are saving, we need to identify ways the money can grow in value to make profits and overcome inflation. To calculate wealth, we have to take away liabilities from the assets and savings. The resulting figure is what we can live without an active form of income. The longer we can survive without income, the wealthier we are.


Registered trademark in Italy. Quality assurance and protection


Is Made in Italy really made in Italy? This is the question everyone is asking, in Italy and worldwide. The Made in Italy trademark is extremely desirable by producers, as it represents a brand of quality for a variety of products – from fashion to food, from scientific research to culture.

Hence why the misuse of the Made in Italy brand by deceptive producers in order to mislead consumers into buying products labelled as made in Italy, even if they are not. To prevent this phenomenon, the Italian Government passed a law for the protection of the Italian trademark.

What does Made in Italy mean? What products are fabricated in Italy? The difference between origin and provenance.

The Italian Government has decided to protect Made in Italy and to prosecute illegal businesses, especially in the agri-food industry. The “made in Italy” refers to the concept of origin and provenance of a product, but they are not the same thing:

  • The origin of a product refers to the place where it is born – e.g. an agricultural product – or built – an industrial or artisanal product;
  • The provenance, on the other hand, specifies where the product is sent from.

The European Union has long since adopted regulations with the aim to put a stop to the infringement of the Made in Italy trademark and protect European consumers from counterfeit products. As a matter of fact, the practice of trying to adopt the Made in Italy trademark for goods that are actually produced elsewhere is extremely widespread, and has a specific name: the Italian sounding.

This phenomenon has involved numerous historic Italian trademarks, when acquired by extra-EU companies. Those companies obtained an Italian brand and kept selling the same goods under a Made in Italy mark, despite the goods being produced elsewhere and with different raw materials as the original ones. The final consumer thinks to be purchasing an Italian-labelled product, whereas it has actually been made out of Italy, out of non-Italian materials. That is true for food as well as for industrial products. Hence why the Italian Government has enabled laws that aim to protect all Italian and foreign companies seeking to register a trademark in Italy.

How to register a trademark in Italy. Rules and Procedures

Italy is widely known to be a wonderful country, despite bureaucracy being one of its biggest negatives, along with the great quantity of paperwork needed to file any kind of application. The advice of a good lawyer for the registration of a trademark in Italy is essential in order. As a matter of fact, the procedure to file a foreign trademark in Italy can be found online – the link is available on the website of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. However, the difficulty does not lie in the application procedure itself as much as in the choice of what type of mark to register. This choice can concern the type of service, the words or the image. These factors will forever identify the goods or services represented by the trademark.

When is Made in Italy really made in Italy?

To really be Italian, a product has to be made in Italy, with Italian products. This aspect is crucial according to the Italian Government, who adopted several laws to promote private production, focusing on the added value of the Made in Italy know-how. Hence why every new trademark registered in Italy (even by a British company), if focused on the qualitative characteristics of Made in Italy, may well obtain conspicuous financial resources. These can be used to sustain the initial production costs, as well as the costs of distributing the product on a fast-growing market that assigns quality characteristics to Made in Italy.

No more exploiting Italian sounding in trademarks

The phenomenon of ‘Italian sounding’ concerns products made worldwide but labelled with words that evoke, by their sound, Italian names, thus misleading consumers regarding their origin.

This illegal practice is particularly common among agri-food producers. Among others, Mexico-produced Parma Salami, Mortadella Siciliana from Brazil, Ligurian pesto from Pennsylvania are some examples of infringement of Italian trademarks. They represent a deceit towards customers as well as a damage for producers.

How Can You Be A Master in Short-Term Trading?

Short-Term Trading

Short term trading can be risky and lucrative at the same time.  The duration for the short-term trade can be some days or some weeks. To be successful in this strategy, you must need to know the risks and reward of each transaction. Investors should spot the opportunities to enhance their performance. There are several concepts that should be mastered and understood for successful Forex trading.  If you want to identify the difference between a potential trade and a losing trade, you must acquire the necessary skills and bits of knowledge.  This article will reveal the basics of identifying the best short-term trades and the ways to get profit from the deal.

Identifying the potential candidates

The right and suitable trade mean that you know the specific difference between the best potential situation and the one should be avoided. Some investors think that the market phase can be identified if they read the journal and different financial news. But the market can change its behavior at any time. So, some fundamental steps should be followed for finding suitable trades at the right time.

Steps to be a master in short term trading

Analyze moving average carefully

Moving average denotes the average price of a stock for a specific period of time. The common time frames are 10, 20, 40, 60, 100 and 150 days. You must find the downward or upward moving of the stock. Typically, the experienced investor can have a moving average of upward movement. When it is time to find out the right stock to a shorter position, you must find the moving average, which is declining or flattering. For that you might need a demo platform. Get it from here since Saxo is one of the leading leaders in offering high end trading platforms.

Understanding the patterns or cycles

In general, the market moves in cycles, so it is necessary to follow the calendar for identifying a suitable time. The traders should determine the best times to manage the suitable pattern of the business. They can take some advantages from short or long positions in the market phase.

Get the perfect sense of trends

Try to minimize the buying if the trend shows some negativity. On the other hand, if there is positivity in movement, you can consider buying with a little shorting. When the overall condition is against the condition, it is needed to take a break. Otherwise, there is a considerable chance to lose the profit.

Here are some tips that can help you to understand when and how to spot the significant trades.

Controlling the risk

A successful career is often depended on risk management.  Short term strategy involves a large amount of risk. So, it is very important to maximize the return and minimize the risk. This process requires the ultimate use of buy stops and sell stops as the protection of market reversals. Sell stop is the order that is used to sell a stock when it reaches the predetermined price. Once the price is reached, it can be sold at the standard price.  Buy stop is opposite to it. It can be used in a short position when the stock makes an affordable price. Both designs can limit the downside. Generally, 15% or 20% is the ordinary rate at which you can set the buy and sell of stocks. This idea can keep the losses in a manageable situation.  Profits will automatically increase if the risk is managed in a balanced way.

Technical analysis

In technical analysis, investors often use the previous prices and chart patterns to predict the future.  In short term strategy, technical analysis can help to understand the methods that can evaluate the stock market. There are various types of tools and indicators for technical analysis. Stock picking indicators, different chart patterns are the standard tools for technical analysis.

Invest your money and know the importance of efficient tax planning

tax planning

It is true that due to lack of tax planning, any individual or SMEs make unfeasible situation. Companies, especially SMEs, face this situation often. If the taxpayer wants to reduce his tax burden, he can do so legally or illegally. The legal way is called tax avoidance or legal savings and the illegal way is called tax evasion. Tax planning is a set of legal systems that aim to decrease the payment of Small business taxes. It is to know that the tax payers have right to structure his business in the way that seems best to him. But, it doesn’t mean that they must avoid tax planning.

How to make your money work for you?

It is known that taxes represent an important portion of the companies’ costs, if not the highest. With the globalization of the economy, the correct administration of the tax burden has become a matter of business survival.

Separate income and expenses that are recurring from those that are not. Thus, you can record them in the cash flows of future periods and make payments or receipts forecasts. Monthly expenses such as rent, accounting and Internet, installment payments or annual fees can be recorded as accounts payable in the coming months. Thus, you will have the current consolidated balance of your cash and the future balance provisioned, that is, already considering the bills that you will have to pay.

For this you need to invest

The most important step to manage money like a real professional and in the best possible way is to know how to save your resources so that they retain their purchasing power and work in your favor. There is a myth that investing money is difficult and is restricted to investors with large volumes of capital. This thinking makes people insist on saving money in checking accounts or savings accounts, and their income is less than inflation.

However, starting to invest is easier than it looks. With the internet, it is possible to buy assets with interesting and profitable conditions in the comfort of home. Financial institutions offer options for all budgets and objectives: there are assets for more conservative investors, with little money and for those with a more daring profile and who bear a greater risk.

Do you know the cash flow?

Depending on the type of your business you can control cash flow by day, week, fortnight or month. Do not choose too long a period; otherwise you are more at risk of losing control of your cash flow. Define a way to identify income and expenses. You can differentiate income and expenses by color and / or by a minus sign in front of the amount. The important thing is that it is easy to identify them in the cash flow.


Benefits of Outsourcing Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

Accountancy services are offered by a number of private firms. As a business owner, you need to make sure that the finances of your company are carefully recorded. You will also have to prepare the financial statements of your company every year, even if you are just running a sole proprietorship or a private limited company. It is important that you use these statements for calculating the tax and other payables. However, many companies find it difficult to hire chartered accountants. They will put a big burden on your payroll, so outsourcing is often the better choice. Some of the services that you can outsource include:

  • Tax calculation
  • Fiscal statement calculation
  • Accounting reporting treatment and other consultancy services

There are a number of benefits that you get for outsourcing your services to an accountant in Rotherham. Here are a few important ones.

It Saves Money

One of the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing financial services to an accountant is because it will help you save a considerable amount of money. These companies usually charge a fixed fee for their services, and you don’t have to worry about any other costs.

Professional Accountants

Another reason why you should outsource financial services is because you won’t have to worry about any issues with your financials. All of the information is completely confidential, and the work will be checked multiple times. These are just a few things that you should know about outsourcing your company’s accountancy services.



Characteristics To Look In An Efficient Accountant

Efficient Accountant

Selecting an accountant to record, calculate, analyze and present your business details is truly a challenging task. The subject of accounting requires great knowledge of finance to be properly executed.

Clients would want their accountants to possess great accuracy and logistic skills. Even a little mistake in choosing an accountant may result in disastrous outcomes for the company.

The most critical aspects of any accountant must be reflected upon in addition to their minimum basic skills. Here are a few special characteristics of a bookkeeper which must get due consideration while he is being selected.

Task oriented

Any kind of profession always demands a high level of concentration and eagerness to do the job. Monetary calculation should be seen through the prism of enjoyment and not with a dull approach. Any company would like to get the best accountants in Peterborough which can remain result oriented.

Accountants need to indicate a commitment towards their clients’ requirements whenever felt necessary. They must also keep a track with the current trends in economics, which further demonstrate their willingness in their field.

Creative mindset

There are a few customers’ issues which cannot be solved just using a rot learning approach. Thus, an efficient accountant must have the ability to think out of the box and use his/her resourcefulness to find solutions and ways out of a major problem.

The innovative aptitude of an accountant is always built with familiarity and inclination to practice in the field.

Possess necessary certificates

A well trained accountant will always display the proper certifications and other verified documents which demonstrate their high skill level to a great extent.

Moreover, if the accountant can also show his experienced letter, it will add more prospects of proving himself to be capable in his work. Remember, it is mostly an experienced professional who can provide an array of quality services to his client.

Can be reliable

The work ethic of dealing with various sects of highly confidential information can only be given to someone who can prove himself to be trustworthy. He must dedicate compassion in his methodology of working without sharing any valuable date to a third party vendor.

This quality of being extremely reliable offers great potential to serve in extra paying jobs. It further enhances their reputation in the market which aids in their career prospects.

With a lot being said, the professional ethics of a skilled accountant helps him to climb the ladder of success and stand apart from his peers. Any business owner would like to hire an accounting professional who can deliver the best of the best with much ease.

All You Need To Understand About Bitcoin


If you have been anywhere near that internet or that news channels in the preceding few weeks, you must have learned about the new trade taking over the world, but what exactly is a cryptocurrency, who made it, and most importantly, how are you going deal with electronics? Currency. What are the dangers? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to start thinking about the online review. However, it stores every exchange in a global registry called a “blockchain.” Individuals buy bitcoins for sure. People buy bitcoins with money; They use them to exchange products. Also, they acquire more bitcoins by tackling complex numerical problems.

Who Created Bitcoin?

Have you confused Who Started Bitcoin? The first bitcoin programming was delivered under the MIT permit in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Why Bitcoin Requirements?

Nowadays, the current framework is absolutely in motion, and the currencies are disrupted. The emergency in Europe is causing shock waves worldwide and the massive state bailouts of banks, which the central bank is printing in cash with alarming interest rates. However, the resources are not yet complete.

To buy some free bitcoin, you need to manage the cryptocurrency traders. Likewise, with any currency broker, you have to pay the agent an expense when purchasing Bitcoin. If that’s all you need, you can buy bitcoins or less. The cost depends entirely on the current market estimate of Bitcoin, which is complete at some random point in time.

There is a large number of bitcoin brokers on this internet. The pure Google search may assist you in finding step-by-step instructions on how to buy bitcoins and find the one that suits you best. It is a smart idea to analyze loan fees before making a purchase continually. Before buying through the broker, you must also confirm the cost of the bitcoins loan online, provided that the cost of financing changes generally in general.

Also, integrity. With no administrative agency examining Bitcoin’s unregulated framework. It is a final matter of trust that the Bitcoin exchange. How can you be sure that you can trust Bitcoin? Well, it all depends on your preferences. If this is nothing to worry about and you are at high risk, you are on your way. However, if you are a little concerned, Bitcoin may not be for you. To switch between clients. They have apps on Android and Macintosh so that you can use Bitcoin in the palm of your hand. First of all, make sure your computer is clean, conduct enemy infection control, and stay updated on the latest risks.

Your legal rights to a refund


Knowing what consumer protection you have can be a great help in recovering your money from unwanted items. Let’s take a closer look at your legal rights to refund. When you buy something, whether it is in your local supermarket or online, you are making a deal to exchange money for an item, which should be sold as described.

If you find that what you have purchased is not “as described”, you are entitled to a refund, this may include if there is such problem in an item like

  • The item is not matching the item was on the website.
  • The item is broken or faulty
  • Low-quality item

If you buy an item in a store or online and change your mind and want to return it back, reading our guide on Your Refund Rights Explained will help you return the product. Here is a list of your legal rights that can support you in getting back the money as a refund from the store.

Consumer Rights act 2015

This legislation replaces the law on the sale of goods, the unfair terms in the regulations on consumer contracts, and the law on the supply of goods and services. It establishes the following refund rights for consumers.

  1. You have a specific time period of 30 days to return defective merchandise and receive a full refund.
  2. You have the right to ask for a refund or price reduction after an unsuccessful attempt by the retailer to repair or replace a faulty item or request another repair or price reduction at no additional cost.
  3. No deductions can be made from the refund within the first 6 months of purchase, with the exception of motor vehicles.
  4. Refund rights for digital content that is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or described by the seller.

Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013

The main principle behind this regulation is that you will have 14 days to cancel a product or service if its description turns out to be false or if insufficient details have been provided to you.

Since June 2014, you will find two previous regulations merged into one to be part of the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013, they are following.

Distance Selling Regulations

This regulation applied to all purchases made remotely, that is, to everything that was purchased online, by postal order, by telephone, or through a television purchase channel. Exercise the right to cancel a product if the information provided is false and the cost of any replacement or return items will be borne by the seller.

Doorstep Selling Regulations

If you have been sold a product or service worth more than £ 42 in your home, workplace or another person’s home, you must be provided with a list of information, including your cancellation rights. 14 days. You can also hire a solicitor for guidelines and the next step.

Now you are thinking about how to find a solicitor for cheap? There are many ways to find.

  • Recommended by a friend or family
  • Looking in the phone book or seeing in an ad.
  • Searching on the internet(Qredible.co.uk)
  • Any law society nearby you

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Getting A Loan Against Gold


Are you planning to get a loan against gold jewellery? Then, you have landed in the right place. With the help of this article, we will tell you the most common mistakes people commit while applying for a loan against gold jewellery.

We all know that gold is one of the most popular forms of investing your money.

Whenever you run out of cash, such as during a medical emergency, gold can help fulfil your needs.

So, read further to find about those common mistakes you should avoid.

1)      Trading with not-so reputable companies

We all know that a gold loan comes in the category of secured loans and is protected by collateral. Also, till the time you pay back the whole amount of credit, your gold jewellery or the guarantee will be kept by the lender.

In case you prove to be a defaulter, then that collateral will be used by the lender to regain the loan amount he gave you.

Now, you need to make sure that you take a gold loan from a reputable company.

In case the lender proves to be a fraud, then you face a significant loss.

We advise you never to fall into the trap of lucrative interest rates.

2)      Not doing good research

So, before applying for a loan against gold jewellery, you are advised to do the right amount of research. It is highly relevant to compare your options carefully. Sometimes, you never know that by investing your time, you may get a perfect deal. Visit different banks, talk with their managers, and make a list of all the favourable options. Besides, financial institutions offering lower interest rates on gold loans or higher LTV (Loan to value) ratio make a perfect deal.

3)      Not talking about repayment structure with the lender

When it comes to getting a loan against gold jewellery, it is highly relevant to discuss loan repayment structure with your lender. Otherwise, any confusion may lead to many issues in the future. Also, a thorough understanding of the repayment structure your creditor is offering will help you plan your finances accordingly. It will prevent you from becoming a defaulter.

There are a variety of repayment structures such as regular EMI, partial repayment, etc.

Also, remember that there is a minimum purity criterion for approving your gold loan.

The Hidden Mystery Behind King Of Invest


Must be thinking that you are reading it right or not. Well! It’s correct. You are getting it accurate. There are misconceptions about King of invest, Telegram Group that lead to the disbelieve of the customers concerning the platform. Some of them are:

Rich in No time:

The critical delusion of the customers is using the King of invest and Telegram services, and they can get richer within no time. King of Invest strongly prohibits this concept, as this might lead to the failure of the customers and investors.

King of invest has a big responsibility towards its customers and investors. King of invest suggests its customers that time is also an investment; there is a famous phrase, “Time is money.” King of invest advises its customers to invest time in your investment analysis, and measure all the aspects of investments, look at the market changes and then invest your money.

Everything takes time to establish, and King of Invest in the light of the Telegram group proposes that there is no short cut for success. It comes with a particular cost. The cost that describes the time, efforts, brainstorming, and money.

The Hidden Mystery Behind King Of Invest 1

Tricks and Hacks:

King of Invest strongly condemns the concepts of tricks and hacks. King of invest believes that customers usually find themselves trapped in a situation where tricks and hacks are presented to them, the short cuts to get successful and the tricks to earn more and more money always lead to the failure of the investments and then people conclude that the platforms such as King of Invest are not up to the mark.

King of Invest never portrays the image of tricks and short cuts for success. The massive databases are designed so that the customers can get perfect ideas and detailed information so that they can do investment analysis and decision making effectively.

King of invest strictly prohibits the display of false information and details concerning the investment and market opportunities. With the association of the Telegram group, the messages are conveyed to the customers with originality.

The sole purpose of King of invest is to provide the information to the customers that are genuine and updated regularly. King of invest has tried to remove all the obstructions from the mind of its customers that they previously have regarding the investment platforms and Digital currency online markets, modernly known as cryptocurrency.

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