Online Marketing and Advertising Channels for You

Online Marketing and Advertising Channels for You

As far as advertising and marketing go, the internet is probably the most effective way of reaching potential customers, business partners, and interested consumers in general. Recent statistics show that more than four billion people worldwide use the internet daily. This is an amazing figure that gives you an interesting glimpse into the power of the internet and how much people use it in their daily lives. If you’re looking for non-traditional channels for marketing and advertising your business or brands, consider taking advantage of the digital space with some of the following channels:

Social Media

Social Media is probably the most interactive channel available. Social Media is so popular that of the 4.2 billion people who are active users of the internet, over three billion are active on at least one of all social media platforms. It may also be interesting to note that on average, most people have over 5 social media accounts and the average time spent on social media daily is 116 minutes. This would mean that it is almost impossible for your product, business or brand, to not reach its intended audience via Social Media. Currently, Facebook is still the biggest social media network on the internet. However, all other platforms have a very large number of users and can be used instead or together with Facebook. For example, Facebook and Instagram can work well together as part of a coordinated digital marketing mix. Plus, you can also buy IG likes and followers for your Instagram account to give it an additional boost. Just remember if you do decide to purchase Instagram followers buy them from a reputable source like Upleap. Not all Instagram growth services are as good as they might seem and therefore it is important to compare a few different options before committing to a course of action.

Display Advertising

This is a method in which ads are created in the form of images and text. Here, the ads are displayed on many different websites in the form of banners, images, or text. It could be at the top of the page before the visitor sees the content, they visited the website for. It could also be in the middle of the page while the user is going through the site’s content. The most important thing here is that it should be properly connected to a page on your website with all the right information in caseit’s clicked.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is getting increasingly popular today because of all the different video streaming sites available. YouTube is currently at the top of the list of them all. Today, YouTube has at least five billion videos watched per day with about three hundred hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. YouTube advertising could also be preferred because a mix of audio and visual content could generally be considered more stimulating. YouTube advertising, as with other forms of online advertising, can also be targeted to a select audience by age, gender, location, interests, and many more. It can also be used in such a way that only charges the seller when a link in their ad is clicked. This makes it very cost-effective. For more information about YouTube advertising and how best to use it, Broadplace is the digital agency to employ. They have a wealth of experience and experts that will help you tailor your ads to be as specific as you want it. Visit the Broadplace website to get started.


This is the method through which your ad is shown to a potential consumer even after they have left your website. Based on the cookies on the browser, ads are targeted to the consumer so that even when they visit other sites, they still see your ads and then come back to your site to make a purchase or interact with your brand.

Online advertising is a very effective and fast-growing market. It is also very easy to track as you can see how much you spent, how many views your ads had, how many people clicked on it, and so on. Try it out today.