Your legal rights to a refund


Knowing what consumer protection you have can be a great help in recovering your money from unwanted items. Let’s take a closer look at your legal rights to refund. When you buy something, whether it is in your local supermarket or online, you are making a deal to exchange money for an item, which should be sold as described.

If you find that what you have purchased is not “as described”, you are entitled to a refund, this may include if there is such problem in an item like

  • The item is not matching the item was on the website.
  • The item is broken or faulty
  • Low-quality item

If you buy an item in a store or online and change your mind and want to return it back, reading our guide on Your Refund Rights Explained will help you return the product. Here is a list of your legal rights that can support you in getting back the money as a refund from the store.

Consumer Rights act 2015

This legislation replaces the law on the sale of goods, the unfair terms in the regulations on consumer contracts, and the law on the supply of goods and services. It establishes the following refund rights for consumers.

  1. You have a specific time period of 30 days to return defective merchandise and receive a full refund.
  2. You have the right to ask for a refund or price reduction after an unsuccessful attempt by the retailer to repair or replace a faulty item or request another repair or price reduction at no additional cost.
  3. No deductions can be made from the refund within the first 6 months of purchase, with the exception of motor vehicles.
  4. Refund rights for digital content that is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or described by the seller.

Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013

The main principle behind this regulation is that you will have 14 days to cancel a product or service if its description turns out to be false or if insufficient details have been provided to you.

Since June 2014, you will find two previous regulations merged into one to be part of the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013, they are following.

Distance Selling Regulations

This regulation applied to all purchases made remotely, that is, to everything that was purchased online, by postal order, by telephone, or through a television purchase channel. Exercise the right to cancel a product if the information provided is false and the cost of any replacement or return items will be borne by the seller.

Doorstep Selling Regulations

If you have been sold a product or service worth more than £ 42 in your home, workplace or another person’s home, you must be provided with a list of information, including your cancellation rights. 14 days. You can also hire a solicitor for guidelines and the next step.

Now you are thinking about how to find a solicitor for cheap? There are many ways to find.

  • Recommended by a friend or family
  • Looking in the phone book or seeing in an ad.
  • Searching on the internet(
  • Any law society nearby you