Your guide to creating a webinar strategy


There are a lot of people who want to record live webinar but find themselves in trouble when it comes to driving the strategy. Many of them don’t even know how they can create a webinar strategy and what they should do to evaluate the answers. So, here are a few things that will help you in drafting the strategy and planning a lot of things as you proceed to creating a webinar and hosting it.

Who are your attendees?

This should be the first question in your mind. Think about who are your attendees and this would come from the topic that you are hosting and the audience you wish to target. As you come to know about the people who will be attending your webinar, i.e. who they are and where they are from, you will get to think about the problems that they might face. Along with it, consider the goals that these individuals may have in their mind while coming to the webinar.

Visual branding

When you are hosting the webinar under the name of a brand, you must not overlook branding. Everything needs to be reflecting your company but don’t just overbrand it. Insert your logos and name only where it makes sense. Also, consider the font colors and sizes and select the graphics and other visual elements that suit your brand.

Although many people when recording a live webinar don’t pay a lot of attention to these details, they are essential for making a cohesive experience.

Mobile is there

How many of us ever think about the users that come to attend the webinars from their mobile devices? Well, there hardly are any hosts that pay attention to this. But the fact that about 25% users in a webinar are from mobile devices would make you think this twice before you optimize your slides. Make sure that the font is large enough and the content is laid our clearly so that the individuals who are viewing from mobile devices are also comfortable attending your webinar.

Offering products or services

A live webinar is going very smooth and in the middle of it, out of nowhere, you come up offering your products or services. Well, it will surely seem odd and will not make a good impression on the attendees. However, if you conduct a webinar on certain topic and give your product at the end as an add-on, it will appear to be a lot more reasonable. Just remember that the webinar should be useful for the attendees with the advice being accurate even if they buy your product or not. And just present the product where it makes sense.


So, these are a few things to keep in mind when you are driving strategy for your webinar. Do take a look at good number of webinars and don’t forget to read the clickwebinar review as it will help you in making your choice for the hosting platform with which you will conduct your webinar.