What are the other ways apart from investment for gaining Dominica Citizenship?


The best way for getting the citizenship of Dominica is citizenship by investment Dominica , but there has to be some alternative if someone is not capable of doing it in this way. Fortunately, there are such methods available. Here are the 3 alternate methods that you could use instead of an investment.

Citizenship by donation

The first method for applying for Dominica citizenship is by the method of donation. This is, however, not a profitable method for the citizenship application. In the method of application through investment also, you need to pay some amount of money, but there you can sell your share and you do not need to pay any money for legal things. In this process, you do not get any such liberty and the money that you have paid will remain the same even after the 5 years of holding period. So, this is the first way in which you could apply for citizenship as per your requirements or likings. You could either opt for this method or could go for other methodology, but make sure that you have checked the benefits that you are going to get after the application through any of the processes.

Citizenship due to marriage

If for some reasons, you are not able to apply for citizenship through the investment or the donation method, this is another effective method for you. If you are a foreigner to this country, you are definitely not eligible for the citizenship, but if you marry someone who is of this country and has the citizenship, then you will be able to get it. The first thing that you need to do is to marry a person who has the citizenship of the country. After that, you will have to stay in the country itself. After 3 years of your continuous residence passes away, you can apply for it. The person who was single at the time of application through donation or investment can pay an amount of 75,000 US dollars for the neutralization of his or her spouse as a citizen.

If you are someone who had applied for citizenship through the investment program and was single at the time, you will have to ask your spouse to reside for 3 years in the country. If this is not possible, then you will have to apply again on behalf of your spouse.

Citizenship by birth

This is the most obvious and easiest way to get the citizenship of the country. Well, the law of Dominica allows those to be a citizen of the country who has taken birth in the country. This is an automatic process and you really do not need to apply anywhere for the application of citizenship, if you have taken birth here.

So, these were all the methods that you could use for getting your citizenship for Dominica. One could choose any one of them accordingly.