Unveiling the myths related to Leonardo Da Vinci


To your knowledge, there are various myths that are interrelated with the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. Born 562 years ago, he was a legend who is known for its fascinating work. You can call him a genius, a celebrity or artist for the lifetime. Da Vinci Code is one of his memorable artefacts making people surprised till the present time. Alike his popularity, there are a number of myths too that are actually incorrectly presented to the world. Why not demystify them together.

Myth 1 – To hide his secret, Leonardo wrote backwards

Recognized for his handwriting, Leonardo was famous for his distinctive mirror writing capability. There is a simple trick to crack the code and that is to hold a mirror. His pieces of work which are displayed in the painting form do have secrets written in reverse handwriting. No doubt he was a prolific painter; it was just his habit to write from right to left as he was left hander. There is no requirement of specialization for decoding. A simple mirror can do the work.

Myth 2 – In his paintings he basically uses golden section

Being friend with Luca Paciolli (a well reckoned mathematician); it was obvious that he must have used Golden Ratio. Certain types of figure-fudging were quintessential to calculate the Golden Ratio. It was the thinking of Leonardo to use the divine proportion to make good design. At the end, the fact is just his brilliant work with a little bit of mathematics.

Myth 3 – The portrait of Mona Lisa is not of her but of someone else

What? There is always a dispute regarding the famous Mona Lisa painting. Every mouth has its own story to tell. For years, there is always an argument that a woman named Mona Lisa didn’t exist. She is just Leonardo imagination. He kept this painting with him for long years.

According to a recent finding, the original subject decided was Lisa Del Giocondo. She was the wife of a Florentine silk merchant who was very rich. The fact – was she really the one shown in the painting?

Myth 4 – Leonardo was the one who gave the proof of Pythagoras Theorem

Well, most of the mathematician thanks Leonardo for proofing the famous Pythagoras Theorem. Undoubtedly, he was a brilliant geometer but no book appreciated him for this. But, according to one of the pages in Codec Atlanticus, Leonardo always strained to illustrate the theorem using cubes. In his practice, he always failed. So, we can here confess that this myth is still under the file to prove wrong.

Myth 5 – Bicycles, helicopters, parachutes and submarines were invented by Leonardo

Is it really? Till now, we all must have thinking that these are invented by someone else. Digging into the fact, Leonardo has a fascination towards aerodynamics, mechanics, flight, hydrodynamics and military engineering. While looking at his notebooks, you can find a number of designs related to machines and devices. Certainly, the designs are definitely not given by him.

Myth 6 – He was not fond of reading books

He described himself as ‘man without letters’. So, he is the only one responsible for this myth. The truth is that he was literally a bookworm who spent a maximum of his time reading books.  He even had a collection of books borrowed from different libraries and friends.

Mentioned are only few myths related to him. There are many more which will bring your excitement level to know more about her to the sky. You can get enough information about him while surfing https://www.eureporter.co/world/2018/09/21/the-last-of-da-vincis-secrets-from-king-louis-xii-to-freeport-king-yves-bouvier/.

Pick any of the articles written about him and find the truths about him and his work.

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