The 6 best social media bots to automate messages on Twitter:


If you are a business man and want to promote your business with the help of the best bots for social media marketing then I will tell you 6 bots to automate message on twitter. We cover different automation bots for Instagram that helps you to promote your business.


Hootsuite is the tool par excellence for the management of social networks and for the programming of publications in them. From this content editor, you can manage several social networks at once and organize as you want through a panel by columns. But its great strength is, without a doubt, Twitter.

You can assign a publication time to each tweet or let the tool publish it at a time that it considers high impact for you according to your audience.

It has two disadvantages. The first is that it has a free version and another Pro from $ 9.99 per month. The second is that if you want to upload an image you will have to do it for each tweet.


TweetDeck is the alternative to Hootsuite, but focused exclusively on Twitter and also, free! Its biggest advantage is the ability to view notifications, messages or activity in general through different panels. This is very useful when, for example, you manage multiple Twitter accounts. And it is also very helpful if you want to follow the trends in the social network.

Another of its great advantages is that it is one of the few tools of these characteristics that has desktop applications. His handicap, however, is that unlike Hootsuite it does not allow uploading a file with a list of tweets to program.

Conclusion, the two tools should be merged to make life a little easier for everyone. 😉


Thanks4follow is a more specific tool. It allows us to thank those people who have started following us on Twitter. At the moment a follower clicks “follow”, he receives a welcome message or thanks. There are those who take advantage of this opportunity to launch another kind of additional messages. However, the messages will be shown through the timeline in the free and private version if we switch to the paid version.

There are many other tools to automate messages on Twitter as App unfollowers but the question is whether it is truly worthwhile. Many times this type of messages generate precisely the opposite, a certain rejection in the followers since they consider that the automated communication is impersonal, even perceive it as “spam”.

What is the alternative? The best thing is to really thank, with no bots in between. However, if your volume of new daily followers is so overwhelming, at least set an original automatic message that retains it.


The great strength of this application is that it programs the tweets so that they are published at the best time of the day. That is when they will reach more people according to your audience and receive more retweets from followers. It is about ensuring the greatest possible impact that is precisely what this tool offers you.

To make matters worse, Timely offers statistics of the messages we have programmed: the number of clicks they have received, the number of retweets, etc. A very valuable utility to be able to assess if the content we are sharing interests or not the people who follow us.

With Timely it is also possible to work several accounts at the same time and have plans for different prices. The free plan is only for personal use and limits the accounts that can be managed to five.


Like the vast majority, Buffer allows you to manage the profiles of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn) in its free version only allows you to configure a profile for each social network. This tool to automate messages on Twitter, generally known to program tweets, has many other features that are overlooked.

For example, it allows generating a list of hours in which we want to publish our messages or publications so that we do not have to program one by one. In addition, on weekends we can vary the frequency of publication with respect to working days.

In the case of Buffer, there is also the option of contracting different plans, an option to assess, since the free does not offer statistics.


And finally CoSchedule, to manage content and profiles on social networks. What is special about it? It has everything because it covers the whole process: from the publication of contents, through its programming in social networks and ending with the statistics report. It is one of the most popular platforms in the blogging world.  The perfect link between your website and the most important social networks. In addition, it allows you to integrate the publication calendar within WordPress and manage everything from there: post programming, its publication in social networks and all the statistics to make decisions, within your reach.

85% of the work of all covered community managers! But at a price, since it only allows one trial version and then you will have to go through the box.

Incredible true? And you going crazy to manage different profiles on Twitter or other social networks. Undoubtedly, these tools are very valuable because they not only make your job easier, but they also give you information and help you to be more methodical. But like these, there are many others: tools to monitor social networks or SEO tools to improve the positioning of your website.