Six Reasons Why You Need An Email Signature


Email is one of the most widely used online tools in the digital era. There are billions of emails being sent around worldwide every day, and it’s not hard to see why that’s the case. It’s quick and easy to write and send an email compared to any other mailing method; once you click send, the message will appear on the recipient’s inbox almost instantly. It’s true that email makes communication a lot simpler, but that isn’t all it does.

Email has a ton of marketing potential as well. Every single one of those emails has invaluable marketing real estate that can be used to promote your products, service, and brand. When you factor in the number of emails you send out daily, it’s not hard to see why the email signature is so powerful, much more than what people would think.

If you have any doubts about putting the time and energy into creating an email signature, here are seven reasons why you should invest in one:

  1. It Builds Relationships
    As mentioned, we send out a ton of emails to our clients and leads every day. Instead of having these customers see an email with nothing more than boring text, you can add your contact information and position to let the client know who they are talking to and what you do. It’s a cheap and easy way to improve your reach and build a relationship with your clients.
  2. It Grows Your Social Media Presence
    Not only can you can add your name, position, and contact information in the email signature, but you can include your social media pages as well. Nowadays, businesses have to have the widest reach and exposure as possible, and social media and video sharing platforms are where people spend the majority of their time online. By presenting another way for your client to experience your brand, you will drive up brand engagement and awareness. Combine this with the suggestion tool on these platforms, and as your page gets more likes, shares, and followers, your interactions will grow. This chain effect starts with an all-inclusive email signature.

  1. It Improves SEO for Your Company’s Website

Having more organic traffic to your site improves your SEO, which means that your rankings on search engines will go up. Additionally, you will also help the clients know what your brand is planning in the future by putting it on your site.

  1. It Advertises New Products & Services Information
    If you’re launching a new product line or service, you can use the space in the email signature to promote them. Email signatures are very, very cheap compared to any other marketing tool or strategy. This means that every sale it’s able to produce enjoys a massive return on investment and profit margin. If you want, you can add a short video to your email signature to tell the customers about your brand or your products as well. So if you’re tight on budget, it’s a good idea to look to use email marketing as a tool to start promoting your brand.
  2. It Promotes Your Content
    In this day and age, content marketing is crucial to a business’ success. Not only does content creation help to establish your brand as an authoritative figure in the market, but it will also help with your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  3. It’s Easy to Evaluate
    Once you have implemented your email signature, it’s easy for you to track the effect it has on your intended sites. For example, if your social media pages and website are getting more engagement and traffic than usual, or the sales have gone up significantly after you added an email signature, then your email signature is a success.

Although it may not be as simple to see the progress and success compared to social media advertisements, it’s not impossible to do. You just have to pay attention to the right places. You could look at the comments and emails you have been getting. If they suggest that they came from your email signatures, then there you have it!