Reasons why investing in Netflix Shares can be Profitable


The ups and downs for any company’s shares is quite common. But following the fall of July’s share by Netflix, the company did not give up so easily. Rather, it seems that Netflix is coming up with some great earning beats that can surprise you and of course in all good ways. It has been reported that so far nearly 5.15 million subscribers have been following the Netflix and the shares also seems to have increased to $419 from $317 which seems to be definitely a good sign. With some great comebacks and huge surprises, there is no denial to the fact that Netflix is going to be on the top from investment point of view.

New Subscribers great shares:

It seems that with recent release launched by Netflix, there seems to be a great number of subscribers who have entered this app. The research shows that nearly 650,000 subscribers seem to have come from the United States while the rest seems to have come from 4.35 million overseas markets as well. The attribution of such great subscriber seems to have increased the expectation of any companies to invest and if you are also thinking of investing in the same then certainly this article can you find your answers on whether earnings nflx can be of real help to you or not.

What reports say:

As per the reports created by the analyst on the research, it has been stated that from quite sometimes, the services of the company have been leaping and bounding the international markets. Supposedly, if you take into consideration more than 50 million of people who might have downloaded this app in the third quarter then most of them are not just only from the United States but also from Brazil and India. Besides, in a country like India, nearly 100% has been surged in the third quarter which seems to be quite a great thing achieved over the previous quarter.

Challenges that may come:

Although Netflix has become talk of the town but the report prepared by Analysts also states that the Walt Disney Company has come up with the fox asset which seem to be quite challenging for the Netflix in terms of the streaming business. No doubt that HBO and Amazon are equally great in the streaming business but seems that Netflix is all prepared for such challenges. Besides, they know how to grab the attention on a certain weekend night and that is not just restricted to the dedicated subscriber base but others as well.

The best part about Netflix is it realizes how important it is to retain the subscribers in the new media environment. There is no doubt that it has an upper hand as compared to that of its competitors. Besides when the company gets ample of subscribers who would be willing to pay for a good content no matter what the price is that means there are high chances for the profit margins also to improve.