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Olymp trade is a broker dealing in digital options online and is based out of Grenadines and St. Vincent.  They started their operations back in the year 2104. Olymp trade became a Bonafide member of FinaCom (International Financial Commission) and was awarded the membership certificate in February, 2016. FinaCom’s role, as a third-party regulator, is to ensure the security of the traders by overseeing all transactions to identify fraudulent brokers. Olymp trade team has worked very hard to gain the trust of its traders’ community. The broker was certified to be a quality broker in Sep, 2018 by Verify My Trade. This is an independent body that undertook auditions of 5000 order executions from Olymp trade’s accounts and ensured that the trade executions from the broker passed the set standards.

Olymp trade is fully regulated, this in turn becomes of the chef parameters to focus on when you are you have undertaken the task of determination to see if a digital options brokerage firm is legitimate or a scam. Being a trader, you would want to ensure that all your finds are somehow insured and that any problems that you may encounter during execution of your trades on some given platform will be satisfactorily resolved.

The vert fact that Olymp Trade is fully regulated by FinaCom goes on to show the lengths this broker has gone to gain the trust of the traders. The regulations and the policies of FinaCom are as strict as you will find amongst the well-known regulators. This regulator also offered legal assistance to traders in the cases where traders initiate a dispute against ant of the brokers who has a registration with them. Given that the trader is a Bonafide member of FinaCom should be taken as a good indicator that the trader is a legitimate broker of digital options. The traders may be offered an amount mounting up to @20,000 coming out of the Compensation Fund in cases where their complaints are found to be correct. So, being a trader, you shall be assured when you know that your deposits are now insured and you can recover them in cases where your broker just goes rogue. In addition to this, Olymp Trade also offers to get the disputes settled thorough their own Client Resolution Department. The broker shall typically be answering the emails within twenty-four hours and will also provide directions on how your dispute is going to be settled. However, if you are not at all satisfied with the broker’s response within 14 days, the broker will need to allow you to take your complaint to FinaCom. Our recommendation is always that you begin trading with a broker who is fully regulated so as to minimize the risk of you losing any money in the transactions.

One of the things that makes the Olymp Trade stand out in the crowd is that they have a membership at FinaCom. FinaCom’s primary purpose is to make sure that their members are kept in check and to protect the investments of the traders. If you have placed a complaint with one of Olymp Trade’s supporting staff and it is not resolved in the time period of fourteen days, you have a full right to directly contact FinaCom and get a resolution for your dispute. Having such a check in place ensures an expedited professional resolution of the disputes as far as the trader is concerned.

 Olymp Trade has also on offer a very easy to use demo account that is credited with $10,000 of virtual cash. This makes it a lot easier for someone to learn the ropes of trading on a given platform without actually risking their own hard-earned money. You always have the option to replenish the balance in cases it dips below the amount of $5,000

The Olymp Trade trading platform can be accessed in three different ways. First, of course, there is the website version for desktops and laptops which happens to be their main site. Then they have the desktop versions of their application, which are more responsive and more feature rich than the web version, which are available both for Windows and macOS desktops. And finally, you also have mobile apps so you can access the platform both on Android and iOS smart phones.

If you do want to open a real account with cash in there, you are allowed to place trades worth as little as one dollar. You do not have to risk some huge amount on a single given trade which will enable to manage your own account better. Olymp Trade does offer very unique features that make it really worth considering. Once you have opened your account, you can then start practicing to use the demonstration account that has been credited with $10,000 of virtual cash. This translates to saying that there is absolutely no obligation to begin to start the use of your own money to start trading. The minimum amount of deposit that is allowed is $10. This is actually quite a sweet deal because most of the brokers out there require deposits to the tune of hundreds of dollars. The minimum amount that you can put on a single trade is one dollar. This too is a very good thing if you do not have the stomach to just risk a large amount on just a single trade. The maximum amount however, that you can place on a given trade is two-thousand dollars.

Just having the right tool for trading at your fingertips makes it really easy for you to make trades that are successful. Olymp Trade is already investing in a larger number of tools and putting them at your disposal who that you find it easy to make trades that are successful. They have included over 4 charts and 20 indicators which you can easily access from within the graphical user interface. The interface does also include a button for technical analysis which provides you access to an even larger number of tools.

One of the features that you may find exciting is the assistant button that is accompanied with every indicator. The way is works is that it triggers a button that pops up, thus directing you to all the training material along with instructions regarding that specific indicator.

You are going to love this platform for sure

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