Is wine and whisky your next investment idea?


Aged and rare bottles of whisky sell somewhere around 30,000 pounds per bottle. And there is only rise to see in the upcoming years.

Scarcity is the driving factor for most of the whisky and wine market. As the scarcity factor rises so does the demand and price. Investors are on a lookout for more investment opportunities particularly the ones that fall far away from bonds, shares, equities, mutual funds and properties. And in this line, whisky market certainly is the most eyed one.

UK market alone caters to a £5 billion economy of Scotch whisky. And with steady rise the numbers are going to surge higher. So what is that makes the liquors a bright investment idea. Is it the rarity and scarcity? Probably! Or is it the quality of Scotch? May be! Or is it the potentiality of taste that comes with time? We’ll find out!

Whisky investment a business!

Whisky has turned from just being a drink to an investment. The fact that it improves with time and the demand rises as the time flies; it indeed has crafted a market of its own. Much in line with wine, whisky is the new commodity that has even surpassed gold in the race. The potential of the golden liquid is to bring about a rise in price which one might not have expected. The need is to invest in the right brew from the rarest of distilleries.

There are business models aimed around the wide market of whisky helping other businesses and clients lay hands on the finest of bottles in the world. Therefore with the growth in demand there has flourished a section of merchants, consultants and dealers whose primary aim is to find, buy, hold and sell the liquid investments.

Design investment portfolios with wine and whisky merchants

If there is one true authority that you can go to for insights into the whisky market and wine investments – it is the merchants which buy and sell these commodities for investments. Setting up a vast collection of bankable wines and whiskies, these merchants aims to lure in investors to help build their investor portfolio. They have the best of knowledge about the oldest of distilleries, breweries etc and their collections to tell you the worth of even the rarest of bottles.

Vclvintners make available a range of services for their clients including wine and whisky funds, auction house access, buyers from around the world, bonded warehouses for storage, wholesalers, wine collectors and more. The idea is to instill people with the best of knowledge, collections and investment opportunities so as to grab the best of opportunities that exist in the whisky market.

The Buy-Hold-Sell Concept of investment

With wine and whisky the investment pattern is not just to acquire the rights and sell it off at a better price. Here the patience of the collector matters the most. And if you have invested in a premium variant of whisky or fine wine – the idea is to keep the collection for almost a decade to make it strong.

Most vintners and merchants advice waiting period of at least 5 years for the prices to surge!

BUY – Here the investor takes the help of the consultants to seek the rarest of varieties of wine and whisky for investment purposes. The merchants make available their collection or procure some from the collectors at the best price to design an investment portfolio for you. Best of investment is sorted as per budget to help businesses invest well in liquors.

HOLD – This is the time period for the liquor to age and make a good investment. With time the rarity and scarcity of the liquor improves – so does the taste! And as long as the person can hold on the liquor investment, they are up for a high rise in price of it. People wait for several decades to catch their penny turn into gold. And this is true as bottles sell for more than just a few thousand pounds.

SELL – This is the time to reap the benefits of waiting around. With a market ready to pay a very high price for the liquor you posses and the fact that there are buyers ready to pay the price – merchants help you sell the investments safely. This can be a small or big fortune depending on the prevailing market trends.

Whisky and wine market – the predictions!

The biggest prediction in this market is its unpredictability. The prices of liquors are heavily based on the factors like taste, preferences, economy of a country, trends, etc. As all of them keep on changing from time to time, there is actually no predictability of what the future holds for you. But as long as you have made a great choice with the investment, you are bound to at least raise a satisfactory amount.

That being said, there is no denying that the whisky market, much like wine market, is growing at a faster pace. Not only is the number of bottles sold per minute on a rise but the global market is rising at least 20% per year. With more number of drinkers, investors and collectors – the rise in the numbers promise a steady growth in demand for the vintage collectives.

Investment facts you should know!

A whisky or wine investment is good only when you can hold it for at least a period of five years. Most merchants and vintners who provide for comprehensive services advise a minimum of 5 years leap to testify the viability of investment.

Some bottles take more than a few decades to be of the worth you have been dreaming of, but in the end, the selling price pays for all the patience you bear in years.

Wine market has been a lucrative one over a several decades. Whisky market has started soaring high in the past few years. This brings about a great opportunity in hand to make some additions to your investment portfolio. If not all, a few casks would do just fine to turn your fortune into a shining light!