How to Protect Your Dog Against Ticks

Dog Against Ticks

Ticks are a nuisance. They are often found in wooded areas and vegetation. The most dangerous threat is the paralysis tick, which is mostly found along the eastern coast.

When a tick bites a dog, it buries the head in the dog’s skin, resulting in pain or discomfort and possibly the transmission of dangerous illnesses such as paralysis. If you are concerned about the dangers of ticks, you should learn how to protect your dog against these parasites.

Avoid Areas Where Ticks May Be Present

Ticks tend to live in wooded areas and locations with a lot of vegetation. They also frequently climb into shrubs and vegetation so that they can latch onto your dog as he or she passes by.

When taking your dog for a walk outdoors, stick to the trails and open areas. Avoid walking near vegetation and shrubs. You should also inspect your dog for tick bites when you arrive home.

Learn How to Identify Ticks in Your Home

If your pet brings home ticks, they may spread through your home. You may notice small, round, eight-legged creatures, similar to miniature spiders. Ticks in your home may make their home in your furniture, carpeting, and clothing.

Along with living ticks, you may notice small black debris, which may be the tick casings and eggs. If you notice these signs, thoroughly vacuum or clean the area where you discover the casings and eggs.

Use Tick Control Products and Remedies

There are also many products and home remedies that may help prevent tick infestations and protect your dog against tick bites. You can find spot-on treatments that help control both fleas and ticks. There are also oral medications, tick collars, sprays, and powders. If you notice that your dog’s skin is looking red and irritated as a result of the ticks, you may wish to consider giving them one of Lazarus Naturals’ CBD dog treats to help calm this down, as well as show your dog that you do care for them and are looking after them.

If you want a cost-effective solution for killing ticks that may get on your dog, consider using a tick shampoo. These shampoos are massaged into your dog’s coat during a bath and provide about two weeks of protection. While you may need to bathe your dog every couple of weeks, these shampoos are often effective at killing ticks and fleas.

Understand the Symptoms of a Tick Bite

The first sign of a tick bite is a tick stuck to your dog. However, you may not notice the bite until your dog begins to exhibit symptoms. The symptoms may not appear for a week after the tick attaches itself to your dog.

Common symptoms include vomiting, weakness, fatigue, difficulty eating, loss of muscle movement, and paralysis. If you notice these signs, you should take your dog to the vet immediately.

Purchase Major Medical Cover for Your Dog

Even if you take precautions, your dog may still get bit by a tick. Having a plan in place ensures that your dog can receive proper treatment. As an added precaution, you may want to consider purchasing pet insurance that includes paralysis tick treatment.

In many cases, a tick anti-toxin is given to help combat the effects of the tick poisoning. For severe cases, your dog may need to remain under supervision while the anti-toxin is slowly administered.

Ticks are a common threat to all pets. Always check your pet for ticks and contact your vet if you notice any signs of a tick bite.