How to have Free Bitcoins wallet?


You would like to have Bitcoins and it would be nice to get bitcoins for free.

Bitcoins do not fall from the sky but there are certainly ways to get free Bitcoins.

Is it possible to get Bitcoin for free?

Bitcoin was cheap if you could buy it at first, for a few cents.
Now, Bitcoin is becoming more expensive, there will only be 21 million Bitcoins in the world.

Nowadays, a Bitcoin is worth thousands of Euros! And the price of Bitcoin will continue to increase in the years to come!

So, how to get Bitcoins for free to avoid paying those thousands of Euros just to get a Bitcoin?

There are different ways to get free Bitcoins, let’s see how to get Bitcoins for free.

Bitcoin as a gift.

For your birthday, christmas, ask for free Bitcoin  wallet as a gift!

Bitcoin is a great gift idea for parties or as a birthday present!

The easiest way to get free bitcoins is for some people to send you some.
You need a Bitcoin address to receive Bitcoins, you must either have a Bitcoin freewallet and use the Bitcoin address to store your Bitcoins.
Or the Bitcoin address of an exchange, but it is better not to leave your Bitcoins on an exchange, it may be hacked someday …

Once you have your free  Bitcoin  wallet address, you can ask people to send you Bitcoin as a donation.
For example, you can send us Bitcoins at this address: 

If you have a website, a blog, you can indicate your Bitcoin deposit address and ask people to send you free Bitcoin.

Get paid in Bitcoins!

Another way to get free Bitcoins is to get paid in Bitcoins. No matter what you can do, if you are an independent professional, ask people to pay you in Bitcoins, its value will increase over time, so it’s a good deal to get paid in Bitcoins!

Tips in Bitcoin.

Same idea, get tips in Bitcoin, even if you work in a bar, restaurant or any other job you may have, ask people to tip you in Bitcoins and not in Euros!
Simply send them your Bitcoin deposit address and they can tip you into free Bitcoins!

Win Bitcoins by undermining them.

You can get Bitcoins with bitcoin mining, but it’s expensive in electricity, so it’s not really free, unless you can get free electricity to mine Bitcoin with an Nvidia graphics card.

Get free Bitcoin with trading.

One of the ways to get free Bitcoins is trading, but crypto trading is very dangerous because it is very speculative and you risk losing your money.
But if you have a little money and want to try trading, if the price of Bitcoin increases by 100% compared to the price you originally bought, you sell to get your money back and wait for the price of Bitcoin go down 50%.
Then you can redeem Bitcoin and get two Bitcoins with the money you earned during its initial rise.
So, you get a free Bitcoin. 
But this is not a financial advice, do your own research first if you want to do Bitcoin trading, you are responsible for your decisions and your money.