How to Get the Insurance Money You Deserve


Dealing with long-term disability is never easy. It is like learning a new profession and doing so against your will. You will need as much love and support as you can get from family and friends. You will also need money from your insurance company. The whole purpose of taking out the policy and paying into it is to have access to it if the worst happened. Well, the worst has happened. You suffered an injury that will leave you disabled for the rest of your life and you need to remake your life so that you can carry on with it.

If your claim has been denied, Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorneys can help you resolve the matter.

Protecting Your Rights

Insurance companies cannot simply ignore your calls, emails, letters, and other petitions. You are a paying customer who has a contract with them. As such, you have the right to know why your claim was denied. If the company refuses to give you a straight answer, you should set your lawyer on them. Insurance attorneys have deep insight into how the industry works. They are able to speak the jargon of insurance officials which will help them get to the bottom of why your claim was denied.

You need not sue straightaway. Your claim may have been denied because of a clerical error or incomplete paperwork or some other administrative misunderstanding. Such matters can be easily resolved, and your lawyer will handle all the phone calls and correspondence needed to set things on track.

However, if your claim was denied because of a more nefarious reason you may have to engage in litigation. Your lawyer will advise you on the next steps.

Why Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

It is important to remember that an insurance company is a business, and like any other business it wants to increase its profits and please its shareholders. This is often done at the expense of ordinary people who pay money to the insurance company. The prospect of acknowledging your claim for long-term disability will be challenged by the insurance company. The claims adjustor who handles your case will be given every encouragement and incentive to find a reason to deny it. Indeed, there have been cases in which such persons have been forced to deny legitimate claims against their own judgment. This is the length that many insurance bosses are willing to go to make the numbers add up on their end.

Getting Justice

You should not allow your interests and your legitimate claims to insurance money be denied because of corporate greed. Your lawyer will help you make the case against the insurance company so that you can get the funds you require to care for your long-term disability. The dubious tactics that many insurance companies use to deny claims have been ruled against by the courts. Your lawyer will use these precedents and other legal tools to get you the money you deserve.