5 laser display “tools” you need for every job

laser display

Have you ever thought about what tools a laser display operator needs when performing at a concert or festival? We did and we asked our friends and professionallaserists from Kvant Lasers – the European company that manufactures laser display systems as well as provides laser show related services.
So what are the key things each such professional laserist should have ready for the job?

Some quality laser display equipment, mainly the laser projectors! That means legal to use, reliable and heavy-duty systems, that are able to produce thin and sharp laser beam and mix the colours together nicely. All this should be completed with a quality laptop and professional laser control software. Obviously!

But the following is also of the same importance:

  1. Strong nerves – you know how it is when being stuck between all the great wishes and last minute creative ideas of your client and what’s actually possible in real life within the time you have available.
  2. Spare cables – all types and lots of them! You will always need more cables then you think and very often even those you would never expect to use.
  3. Gaffer tape – good for vehicle repairs, plumbing repairs and of course laser jobs. This unique “MacGyver” like tape can really sort out much more than one would think.
  4. Raincoat – guess why?
  5. Good friend on the phone – ideally sober one. Tiredness, hunger, stress. These combined can make you bit dumb sometimes and even a banal problem can be impossible to solve. It’s great to be able to call someone and let him help you.